Investment Approach

At Rotunda Capital, our philosophy is to invest long-term equity capital which enables the management team to realize their strategic, financial and operational objectives. This collaborative relationship centers on trust and integrity.

We build a partnership between the founder, their existing team, RCP and our partners to achieve significant, long-term value creation. We leverage their passion, culture and ideas with capital, knowledge and dedication to building world-class competitors.

Our leading investment returns have resulted from growing sales, improving margins and increasing free cash flow. We create equity value through operational improvement and execution of strategic plans and not through financial engineering. We use less debt and more equity which allows management to focus on growth.

Two RCP partners team up on each deal. We often add industry and functional board level experts to help implement the operating plan. You get partners with decades of relevant experience versus a "deal team".

Prior to making an investment, we establish a close working relationship with management and develop a formal plan to improve each functional area of the business. These sales, marketing, operations, human capital and IT initiatives are key to building "a foundation of bricks" to support future growth.